[MMM] The Myth of Faking It | Monday Morning Motivator


Happy Monday morning! 


I received an email from a client preparing for an interview, and really excited about her chances. She was sharing that well known mantra “Fake it ’til you make it!”


I’ve heard this before, even shared it myself when I was a recruiter; for many years in my professional career, I believed it.


It simply is not true. More importantly, it fundamentally undermines your performance. Here is a more effective way to think about it:  


“Be it ’til you make it.”


Let’s say you want to have a career as a reporter. Be what you want now, and start reporting. Write a blog, share stories, look around you for things to report. Send stories and columns to local and online newspapers. You don’t have to wait to go back to school for a journalism degree to be a reporter.    


Stop faking.

Start being.


If you are what you want to be, you’ll feel better, and the work you want will come more easily. Chances are good you’ll land in much better situations.


And, down the road, when you’re successful, you won’t feel like a fake.


Being me, along the road with you!



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