[MMM] The Most Influential Person in Your Career | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,


We all learn some great life lessons from our Mothers.


My Mom had a successful and rewarding career. She was loyal, worked long and hard (sometimes too long and too hard!). She was efficient, ethical and exercised very good judgment.  She enjoyed her work, and the people she worked with. I rarely saw her dissatisfied.


Much of what I know about making career choices. I learned by watching my Mother navigate her own work life.


I was fortunate.



Jane Goodall grew up at a time when women’s options around work were very limited. An avid reader, she was inspired early in life by Dr. Dolittle and Tarzan novels. Her mother took her to the first Tarzan movie, and she remembers “bursting into tears.”


With her Mom’s support and influence, Jane realized her dream to work with animals in Africa. It wasn’t a typical childhood dream, but Jane’s mother encouraged her nonetheless, saying “You can do whatever you set your mind to.”


One mother’s desire to support her daughter has had such a positive impact on the world. She helped a scientific community grow, and an entire species be better understood and protected.


Maybe you weren’t as fortunate as Jane and I. Many of our clients tell us their parents really didn’t enjoy their work. Often people come to see us because they want to live and work differently, and model for their children a positive view of work.


When you have work that fits you, you are not only a better employee, but a better partner, sibling, parent and friend.


If you were fortunate enough to have a mother like Jane Goodall, the ripples of love and wisdom cast a wide net, reaching not just yourself and your family, but potentially the entire world.


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Thankful for my mom, along the road with you!


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