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Good Monday Morning!

Rob Ford- does the name ring a bell? Even if you don’t avidly follow politics, it would be hard not to have an impression of his professional situation as the Mayor of Toronto. He has a slight communication and career challenge at this time – as Lucille Ball would say, he has “some ‘splaining to do”. Rob will also most likely be pursuing a few job interviews shortly, as he “transitions” from his current position. 

Interviews are the primary method that companies choose to fill opportunities, and they are not an exact science. Have you ever left an interview thinking that you had landed the job, only to later discover that the potential employer had chosen another candidate? Why do some people do well in interviews, while others who are equally or more qualified slip under the radar? What is it that makes some peoples’ impressions so lasting?
Frances Cole Jones is a leading media training consultant and best selling author of “How to Wow – Proven Strategies for Selling Your [Brilliant] Self in Any Situation”. Frances works with numerous executives and experts, helping them to communicate more effectively in crisis situations. She has been featured on shows such as Oprah.
Frances shared, “The most important word in the interview is ‘you’. The person interviewing is thinking primarily of themselves. Referring to them by first name, or bringing the conversation back to them, are key strategies in creating a positive impression of yourself.”
The paradox of the job interview is that it isn’t about you, it is about the managers’ career and the company’s needs. We live in the world of LinkedIntwitterFacebook and Youtube. Those who know their stuff AND know to communicate are the ones standing out from the crowd and getting the opportunities.
You only have a short window of time to leave a lasting impression. This is something Rob Ford is currently experiencing. Make the most of the opportunities to stand out.
Creating lasting impressions, along the road with you!
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