[MMM] The Last Monday of 2019 You May be Looking for This – A McEpiphany

Happy Monday morning,


As you start the last few days of 2019 & consider 2020 you may be looking for this.


A “McEpiphany.”


What’s that you ask?


I heard of the term last year in the obituary of the NY Times best-selling children’s author, Amy Krouse Rosenthal. She authored more than 31 books.


She was having a meal in McDonald’s with her children when she decided to leave the world of advertising and do what she wanted to do: be an author.


We’ve all had these moments in life where it becomes apparent what we need to do.


This is a McEpiphany.


I wanted to write this blog as a tribute to World Cancer Day and Amy, who passed away, at the early age of 51, of ovarian cancer. Her last word was supposedly “more.” She was that kind of person; she pursued a life full of more.


She not only wrote books but also gave TED talks and made movies. She was a fantastic friend, mother, and wife. Just ten days before she died, knowing she didn’t have very long to live, Amy wrote a widely read essay in the New York Times for her husband, Jason Brian Rosenthal, called “You May Want to Marry My Husband.”


She was a giver. She was a person who desired to experience all that she could give to the world. When we align our choices with our talents, and when we dare to pursue them in whatever format they appear, more happens.


More opportunity. More freedom. More advancement. Yes – more joy.


Before Amy died, she shared, “I tend to believe whatever you decide to look for you will find, whatever you beckon will eventually beckon you.”


You gave me more. You lived more. You shared more. You helped more. You lived more. You loved more.


Amy, thank you for deciding to find and beckoning more.


Now it’s your turn.


What’s your McEpiphany?


As Amy’s last words in The Beckoning of Lovely ended with “Make the Most of Your Time Here.”


As you ponder these last few days of 2019


How will you make the most of your time here?


Along the road with you!




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