MMM] The Key To Taking Off In Your Career | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday morning! 


My son is currently taking his pilot’s license, close to going solo, and really enjoying the experience. 


He’s not just learning to fly, he is loving the process of learning to fly.


I know why he’s enjoying it so much. You can see it in this picture: 



Why We Are Here. First Solo.”  


On the bulletin board is a series of pictures of students who have just finished their first solo flight. Your first solo involves leaving the airport and landing the plane by yourself for the first time.This is a huge accomplishment for any aspiring pilot.


The Smith Falls Flying Club is an extremely well run, volunteer led organization. As a not-for-profit, it operates on a tight budget and the generosity of the many volunteers who help run it.   


I know the “secret” to their success. It’s in a single line on a bulletin board in the training room. Not coincidentally, it’s also where you pay your invoice!

It’s all about why you do it.


They are focused on their mission, and each time you enter this area there is a subtle, but important reminder of it. 


Why does your team do what they do? Whether it’s because they enjoy the work itself or the income, the status or security, each reason matters. When your company has a clear and simple reason for doing what it does, and everyone understands and is behind it, your organization will thrive .


It is not what you do.

Not how you do it.

Or where you do it.

Not even when you do it.

Or what you get paid to do it.


It’s all about why you do it.


When your team knows the why, and buys into it, your organization will experience better results, less turnover, less stress, fewer sick days, and yes, it will be more economically efficient.   


The leader‘s job is to provide clarity, encouragement, inspiration, and reminders.  


Why do we do what we do here at CareerJoy? ” We help organizations and individuals to “take-off” and “land” well. My goal is to see each one of our clients reach their full potential.


This is your captain speaking, along the road with you!




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