[MMM] The Gift We All Desire This Season

Dec 19, 2016 | The “Gift” Edition


Good Monday morning,


This time of year brings back many fond memories for me, not the least being watching The Eaton’s Santa Clause Parade. It is a special time of year; we are generally more friendly, open and pleasant in nature.


As I was doing some of my last minute shopping for my family, I thought about the role of gift-giving at Christmas. Gifts say to each other, “I care about you and value you.”


As you know, I have written a lot about the role of talent and passion that each of us possesses in the variety of flavours. We are all unique and have value.


I was reminded watching this video. It’s less than four minutes long and I guarantee it will truly touch your heart. There is a tendency for all of us, and especially the celebrity-infused culture, to value a specific and defined definition of smart, beautiful and talented. All of us have challenges in our lives and in some cases special needs and circumstances, but we are all special.


This is why my team and I do what we do, to help journey with those who desire more. See, when we are validating and pursuing the fullness of who we are, not only are we better, the world is a better place.


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No matter what your cultural or spiritual value system, the Christmas story celebrates new life, community, family, the giving and receiving of gifts, and a desire for more. More joy, peace, and love in our world.


This season, the greatest gift we can give each other cannot be purchased in a store or even on Amazon. It is the gift that of validating that each one of us has unique value and purpose in this world.


Along the road with you!




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