[MMM] | The Gift of Career Disappointment

Happy Monday morning,
Things don’t always work out as planned.
I was fortunate enough to be able to attend The Roar of The Rings this past year, which is the Canadian curling qualifier for the Olympics. To be frank, I had never watched a full curling game but that weekend I viewed four full games including the finals of both the women’s and the men’s events. I had a great time learning to appreciate such a fascinating game of skill and strategy. I watched Team Homan win the woman’s finals and team Koe win the men’s finals with the final rock in the final end, to represent Canada.
For both Team Homan and Team Koe, their win statistically meant that all of the members were going to be Olympic champions. Since curling entered the Olympics, Canada has won medals. So winning in Ottawa was anticipated as the next step to standing on the Olympic podium.
In your own career you may sense that you were on the right track to be promoted; the “stars were aligned”. You went to the right schools, took the right courses and worked on the right projects. You thought to yourself, “Of course, I will be promoted to Director.”
For team Homan, things didn’t work out as planned. They were not on their game, some would say. They played the best they could but ultimately succumbed to the combination of the pressure and the level of their competitors’ talent. Their Olympic story obviously turned out so differently than hoped or expected.


They battled hard even winning their last game against Russia. While disappointed they never gave up. As for the future, Elaine Dagg Jackson who is part of the Curling Canada’s team supporting Homan, shared, “We will go over all of the decisions they made leading up to the Games and evaluate what they did throughout. We’re always constantly assessing and building our program, even when we’re winning. We’re trying to find ways to be better and stronger. That will be no different this time around.”


They may not have won a medal, but my sense is they will choose to grow through this as individuals and as a team. They are young, driven and talented. The best is yet to come.


Have you ever had a similar situation in your career? You have the same choice. You can choose to learn the lessons that come with the gift of disappointment. You can learn to evaluate how you can improve yourself professionally and hold your head high at the same time.


As their head coach Adam Kingsbuy shared, “They can hold their heads incredibly high. Here’s the truth: getting to the Olympics is so much more than winning a medal. They earned their right to be here.”


Along the road with you!




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