[MMM] The COVID-19 Work at Home Honeymoon (if there ever was one…) is Officially Over

Last week was our third “official” WFH week.


This is a little longer Monday Morning Motivator than usual. To be frank, we have had lots of people enquiring & asking lots of questions about the current scenario.


I am sure your team, like ours, is starting to find a new “normal.” We are all identifying ways to work with children that need attention beyond Netflix, families that want to be fed, dogs that like to bark & partners that are trying to find ways to respect each other’s space & work demands.


We are getting accustomed to walking within a distance of each other on the street, standing in lines at drug stores, empty shelves & shopping once a week. We also see families, friends & communities coming together in surprising ways.


Things we could never have imagined, even 4 weeks ago.


It’s deeply unfamiliar.


To all of us.


I was speaking with a corporate partner this week & she shared that she & her team have “hit the wall.” She has been carrying & supporting her team and managing transitions & supporting different leaders in her organization, as well as doing her best to be a patient mother, daughter & partner.


It really did hit her & others on her team, how hard the reality of where things are currently at.


The COVID-19 honeymoon, if we can call it that, is officially over.


In a way, it’s a lot like going away. The first two weeks it’s fun & adventurous, then you yearn for the normal pace of life, your own bed, simple meals & personal space from those you have been traveling with.


Unlike a nice trip, I am sure someone in your network has been tangibly impacted by COVID-19. Either on their health, finances, organization, loneliness, marriage, or job loss.


We know. while this self-isolating strategy works on the health side, the reality is really challenging on the organizational & personal front.


Yes, there are silver linings in all of this, but some days, it’s just darn hard.


Week 4.


We can help.


We have many ways that we are currently supporting corporate partners & individuals.


On the corporate side, our COVID-19 Leadership, Wellness, Resilience & Coaching Series has provided immediate practical support & impact on their leaders & teams.


We had such fantastic feedback & response on the tools & topics.


1. Leading, Managing, and Thriving In Change
2. Strengthening Mental Health, Resilience & Stress Management
3. Building a Culture of Wellness & Resilience
4. The Human Approach to Performance Management
5. Financial Resilience & Solutions


On the individual side, many are looking for immediate resume & job search support, while others are using this time to rethink the next steps in their careers.


In either case, we can help.


It’s been amazing to see the responses by organizations like hers & others that are stepping up in deeply practical ways to make a difference.


Feel free to reach out to me & my team to discuss how we can help your team & those individuals that have been personally impacted.


I was reminded this week,


Fear is contagious.


So is practical hope & support.


While these are not easy times, either you will see this is an excuse to hunker down and wait & see or, like many individuals & corporate partners, as the catalyst to invest for their future & yes, even better themselves.


You choose.


Along the road with you!




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P.P.S. Want to better lead your organization through this time of uncertainty? Reach out to Jason Parks, VP of Business Development to get started at jason.parks@careerjoy.com or 1-877-256-2569 ext 600. Learn more about how CareerJoy can help your organization through crisis here.