[MMM] – The Big Work Myth: Busted | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday Morning!
My work can be boring and tedious at times.
I think one of the great untruths that my profession sometimes perpetuates is that you should love every moment of your work, this is simply not true.
Starr Saphir was an amazing lady who lead birding tours in New York Central Park for over 40 years. She did this 4 days a week in all kinds of weather starting at 7:30 a.m. and continuing until she thought there were no more species to see that day. A tour might not end until dusk.
Ms. Saphir was still leading birders until a few months before her death despite having metastatic breast cancer, cataracts, a bad back, a limp and arthritis.
These are her words:
I love her honest statement, because I have moments like this too.
I really enjoy most of what I do on most days, in most situations. I am very fortunate. Like Starr, I am in a situation that keeps my mind and interests engaged on an ongoing basis. I find people, careers, ideas and leadership endlessly fascinating. However, there will always be tasks that make the clock stand still.
Remember, everyone, Birders and Career coaches included, all have routines and get bored at times.
This is normal.
If you find your work boring and tedious most of the time, that is a major problem, not just for you but for all of the other important people in your life, your partner, your kids and yes, your employer.
The key is what I call the “boring ratio”. Engagement divided by Boredom quantified as a function of time spent in each category. My goal is simple: to make that ratio work for you.
Enjoying what I do, Along the road with you!