[MMM] The best personal brand (and why it’s important for you)

“Hi, I’m Joe the dog walker.”


What comes to mind when you hear that?


For me, four simple words describe in such clarity all the information I need to understand who Joe is from a career perspective.


Now, I have to admit a bias: I have a golden retriever and a Bernese mountain dog which you probably know if you also follow me on Twitter. I bring this bias up because it means I will pay attention to anything related to dogs.


There are plenty of dog walkers. Google dog walkers in Toronto to see the pages and pages of options. However, there is only one “Joe the dog walker”.


I’ve actually never met Joe, but I did see his poster when I was on a run in Cabbagetown. I have run by thousands of posters and ads, been in many pet stores where I see dog walkers promoting their businesses all the time. However this poster was the best I have ever seen. He looks like the kind of guy that is both professional and kind and I think my dogs would like him.


There are plenty of IT support people, business development professionals, controllers, policy analysts, marketing specialists, corporate lawyers, etc. In fact, in most professions, there is more supply than demand. I can see on LinkedIn the thousands and thousands of options recruiters have in every profession.


What’s my point? Joe is doing something that most professionals do very poorly. He has created a unique, simple, authentic professional brand that gets my attention in a very busy and competitive world.


Personal branding, is simple. It’s not always easy.


Contrary to popular opinion, personal branding is not narcissistic. It’s not bragging and it’s not as complicated as it seems. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. In Joe’s case, he is focused simply on owners take care of their dogs. He’s just doing it in a damn smart and clever way.


Looking for a dog walker? Who you gonna call?


Leading along the road with you,




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