[MMM] The Best Investment You Can Make in 2014! | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning! 


We are heading into the final leg of the RRSP season and I can guarantee that you will be bombarded with advertisements encouraging you to invest in a certain stock or mutual fund. Each organization will try to convince you that they will offer you the best return for your money. 



Of course I think you need to be prudent financially and diligent with savings under the advice of a professional financial planner. Think of all the things you could do in 2014- not just with your money, but with your time, talent and energy. What do you think will have the greatest impact on your future?


What is the best and safest investment you can make in 2014?




Yes, you.


The reason I do career and leadership coaching is to encourage and witness the transformation that occurs when individuals take control over their careers. I have seen so many success stories from individuals that invest in themselves with a coaching program.


But you may say, “Alan…”


“I am too busy.” You are not. You always have time for things that matter.


“It may not be the right time.” Time will pass regardless, and when you are still saying this six months from now, you will regret not having started sooner.


“I am not sure I can afford it.” To give you some perspective, how much did you invest in your education? A lot more than even the most extensive coaching program we provide.


“I am not sure it works.” It does! But don’t take my word for it, I am totally biased. 


A survey by Manchester Inc. found that coaching provided an average return of almost six times the investment of the coaching. An internal report of the Personnel Management Association showed that when training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86 per cent compared to 22 per cent with training alone.


Individuals who had career coaching reported improvements in the following areas:

Working relationships with direct reports (77%)

Working relationships with immediate supervisors (71%)

Teamwork (67%)

Working relationships with peers (63%)

Job satisfaction (61%)

Conflict reduction (52%)

Organizational commitment (44%)

Working relationships with clients (37%)


“I am not sure I am worth it.” You are worth it. This I know for a fact. You will not go wrong when you have the confidence and courage to take steps toward controlling your future


Investing, Along the road with you!




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