[MMM] The Answer to What's Next For You Is… | Monday Morning Motivator


Good Monday morning!    


I enjoy chess, but I’m no chess master. I learned how to play growing up, and a recent trip with my kids to Mt.Tremblant got me thinking! My son and his best friend spent most of the drive up playing. These days, there’s no need to worry about that magnetic chess set. One smartphone is all you need. 


Chess is all about the moves you make. The key to winning is paying attention to the endgame. You have to think at least two to four moves ahead.


Career management and chess have so much in common, but most people don’t “play the game” the way it should be played.   


A prime example is this question:


What’s next?



You ask this question on a ongoing basis, as a leader, in your own career, and in your personal life. It sounds like the right question, a reasonable and wise thing to ask.


But, focusing on “what’s next” may be the biggest mistake professionals make. 


I’ve spent most of my career helping our clients ask a better question:


What’s next next?  


Just like a chess player, we need to think about what happens after the next move. Where will that new rolepromotion or degree lead me next in my career and life?


When you start thinking a few steps ahead, asking what’s next next, you will have a better end game. 


So, what’s next next for you?


Playing the game, along the road with you!




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