[MMM] The ABCs of Career Success

Jan 30, 2017 | The “ABC” Edition


Good Monday morning,


This week I spoke with a number of public servants on managing their career. The average public servant hired in the last ten years has a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, and many have a Master’s degree. Like many professionals, they are smart, talented, and motivated.


Let’s face it, there are better educated professionals than ever in the world of work.


Who will do well in their public sector career? The answer to this question depends on their career literacy.


What is career literacy? It involves a number of topics including branding, networking, soft skills, developing mentorship, navigating the political landscape, creating opportunities, and a host of other things.


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This week, Ontario’s Minister of Education, Mitzie Hunter, announced on that Ontario is currently reviewing the careers studies course. A survey by the Ontario Student Trustees Association found that 74% considered the courses of low importance and a waste of time. This survey points out what I believe to be two challenges. One is the lack of relevancy of the content to real life scenarios, and two is that I believe career literacy is massively undervalued.


Where do we learn career literacy? As the survey says, secondary and post-secondary institutions may not the best places to learn these skills.


How can you improve your career literacy? Often we can learn from mentors, around the kitchen table, from observing our peers, and (of course) working with a career and leadership coach.


In watching others struggle and thrive is where you can increase your skills. One of the wonderful things we get to do as coaches is to help identify and strengthen our clients’ literacy skills. It’s rewarding to watch a client who is so talented in their functional skill, with some coaching, gain the ability to manage and take their career to a whole new level.


It’s almost as easy as A-B-C.


Along the road with you!




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