[MMM] | Survey Says These Are The Most Resilient Places to Build a Career in Canada

The Business Development Bank of Canada announced the BDC Entrepreneurial Resiliency Award. This award is focused on recognizing a Canadian business that has undergone a successful turn around and become stronger as a result of it
Dictionary.com defines resiliency as the ability to spring back and recover readily from adversity.
The Grosvenor Resilient Cities Research Report looks at “the ability of cities to thrive as centres of human habitation, production and cultural development, despite the challenges posed by climate change, population growth and globalization.”
Grosverner identified the following 3 Canadian cities as the top 10 of the most resilient cities in the world:

  1. Toronto
  2. Vancouver
  3. Calgary

Resilient cities are full of resilient people, and resilient companies are full of resilient professionals.

Jim Collins, best selling author of Good to Great and Jeffrey Pfeffer author of Power in Organizations, did a research study on Stanford MBA business students to discover who was successful and why. Their findings determined one key element: resilience.


There were 4 key behaviours that enabled them to be resilient:

  • They don’t listen to the negative voices.
  • They have a personal board of directors.
  • They are comfortable not always knowing the answer.
  • They let go of the “yeah but”.

We have all had both personal and professional circumstances that didn’t end up as anticipated. How would you rate yourself on your resiliency meter?
Resilient cities, companies, leaders and careers are ultimately built on resilient people.
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