[MMM] | Something More Valuable To Your Career than Bitcoin

Happy Monday morning,
Would that be plastic or…plastic money? I was reading that Sweden will be totally cashless in 3 years’ time. Money is simply an exchange of value and the newest form of it is digital currency.
One of my colleagues and I were discussing bitcoin this week and he mentioned to me that one of our clients had 1 bitcoin. My colleague had an incorrect sense of what that value was. Let’s just say he was out by a factor of 100.
If you were to have bought 1 bitcoin in January 2017, it would have been worth $718. The height of its value was $18,800 in December 2017. There is something to be said about digital currencies and where they are heading. Mark Carney, the head of the Bank of England and the former head of the Bank of Canada, has shared how this is not a passing phenomenon but rather a more secure form of economic transfer.

What is the currency with the greatest return on investment? Attention.


We live in the attention economy. I don’t mean that in a narcissistic way, but getting the attention of the market, your boss, your peer and even your partner is key to moving forward in your personal and professional life.


Bitcoin is a great example of this. The more attention it gains, the more it is validated as not just a passing fad, but as something of value.


What does this mean for you? Well, if you have bitcoin like our client, that’s great! But even more valuable is your ability to draw and keep attention.


More attention equals more value for bitcoin. Likewise, our client’s value is directly related to the value that the market perceives that she is worth. So how will you draw and keep attention in order to build your value?,


Along the road with you!,




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