[MMM] Social Media – Don't Fight It | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Tuesday Morning!   

The barons of our time are the social media barons. I live near Perth, Ontario, and enjoy spending time on the Rideau and Tay Canals. During the 1800’s the canals’ lock system was built. 

The barons of that time locked in; sure, they continued to trade in commodities like wood and wool, but they also established businesses supporting the canal. 

Today, the “lock principle” applies to social media. The economy is growing at an incredible rate. Water is flowing and all the boats listed below are rising.


What does this mean for you? 

How can you integrate or align your business and its future to take advantage of this Tectonic shift? It’s a heck of a lot easier to do when the boats are rising.
Fighting this change will be as successful as were those who opposed the canal. That ship has left the port.


All aboard, along the road with you!




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