[MMM] Signs That You’re on The Right Track in Your Career & Life | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,


They are all around us, we just need to be aware & pay attention.




One of my clients took up skiing relatively later in life & loves to ski with his sons. He was on a 5 day trip  at Sun Peaks Resort when one of his sons noticed a sign on a simple A-Frame stand.


Meet here & ski with Nancy Green from 9-12.  
Everyone is welcome, no matter what ability level you are.

Nancy Greene is an Olympic Champion, Canadian Senator, and makes her winter home at Sun Peaks. Twice a week, when she is there, she offers to share her time.


My client mentioned how he had missed the sign, but his son happen to “see” it. They ended up spending 3 hrs + grabbed a lunch with Ms. Green, learning not only how to ski better, but how to make life better. Funny how one little sign can impact our day in such a positive way.


I’m not only talking about advertising signs, although they are also all around us. I was speaking with one of my clients & we were discussing about his decision to leave his current role. In our previous coaching session, he had shared that he was coming close. Upon our most recent coaching call, he had come to real peace about leaving his current role & had, in fact, resigned.


He shared that he got a “sign”. I inquired… What did he mean? He shared someone in his group had come forward & was asking his opinion on what she needed to do to prepare to eventually take on his role within the organization. Unbeknownst to her, he sensed that she was already ready to take on the role. He would never have wanted to put someone in the function unless they were certain & ready, and she was both. That was the tipping point for him to know that he had done his job & he was free to move forward.


Signs are all around us. We just need to start to read them.

Eyes open, along the road with you!