[MMM] Right Now – You Have Two Choices & Only Two Choices

If you had told me two weeks ago things would be where they are in our world, I would never have believed it.


I was out in Vancouver visiting our office & then was to fly to Calgary on Monday to visit our Calgary office. I spent the weekend in Tofino with my daughter.


One of my least favourite things in travelling is taking the redeye. My Calgary meetings had shifted to virtual – I took Sunday night’s flight back east, as I felt it was essential to get home & close to our core team. My airline preference has always been WestJet, I have found their crews, for the most part, exceptional.


On the flight home, I was talking with one of the flight attendants; she impressed me from the moment I saw her. She was not only professional but had this lovely disposition to boot. As I flew, we had lots of time to talk, as most of the plane was empty.


She has been a flight attendant with WestJet for one year, it was evident to her & me, that she was going to be laid-off in the coming days. She shared how a flight she was to be on, was cancelled & in their contract; she was eligible for a hotel room but didn’t think under the circumstances that it would be fair to the company to use that benefit.


Not fair to the company in the current crisis.”


This week, that attendant on WS3458 has not left my thoughts.


She stepped in.


She stepped up.


I asked myself, “What would I have done in her circumstances & what will I do in the coming days?


Would I step in & step up?”


This week, I have had many in-depth conversations with our clients & my team members about knowns & unknowns.


The actual test of leadership, resilience &, more importantly, our character, whether the CEO or lower-level employee, is our ability to enter into the difficult & the unpredictable.


We are going to see & experience both the worst & best from our leaders, neighbours, & family members. A good friend walked by a neighbour & saw this on their driveway.



How will you respond? Will you be like this attendant & neighbour & meet this time with grace, humility, kindness, professionalism, & integrity.


It is true.


We are all in this together.


Will you step in & step up?


Along the road with you!





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