[MMM] Resiliency in times of transition requires the right mindset and skill set

Happy Monday,


I had a conversation with a HR leader this week who is leading a large restructuring project within her company. She cares deeply about the people she works with. She has a lot on her plate, managing all of the aspects of the project while at the same time giving good counsel to her leadership team and supporting her employees.


It’s one thing to lead and manage restructuring. It’s another thing to lead and manage restructuring when it means it is also impacting your own role as is the case with this particular HR leader. My team has a lot of experience working through these types of projects and we are providing the support and guidance to help her and her organization balance both compassion and the practical requirements.


The most important piece of advice that I shared with her to help her as a leader, was this one principle:


Leading though this type of change is fundamentally all about resiliency. While it is not an ideal situation for all involved, good things will come out of this and people will move forward in their professional lives, including her. 


Resiliency is defined as, “The ability to withstand changes in the environment and still function.” It is both a mindset and a skill set. 
The mindset aspect of resiliency involves accepting the reality of what is occurring and asking the question, “What can I do to grow as a leader and support others amidst this new and unexpected reality?”


The skill-set aspect involves learning how to communicate more effectively, deal with decisions in a high-change environment, create a new vision for the teams impacted, and help manage the high emotional elements for all involved.


In my opinion, the most important mindset and skill set required is the development of resilience within yourself and your team. 


That’s the best growth opportunity that you can have.


Leading along the road with you,




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