[MMM] | Resilience in the face of brokenness

This week in Canada has been challenging. We have watched with shock and heavy hearts as families deal with a tragic and unexpected loss. We have seen the first responders demonstrate courage, young kids stop for moments of silence in hockey rinks, professional hockey players and coaches weep, and leaders of communities be left speechless.
One of the most beautiful and touching moments can be in this video of a young boy touched by the reality of what has happened.


What does this say about us? It says that faith, hope and love still arise in our communities amidst profound tragedy. We have seen the best of Canadians as they display resilience and unity.
We have seen individuals and communities come together to show the care we have for each other. This is what makes our country unique. Yes, we are individuals in our goals and aspirations, but we are collective in our grief and desire to understand this tragedy, to care for our neighbor and see some goodness come from this.
We are united with the brokenhearted, steadfast in our support of this community, strong in our commitment to provide whatever resources are needed, and free in the way we are expressing the love we have for the families that have been affected.
Canada: the country I love has, this week, embodied our True North spirit.
Along the road with you,
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P.P.S. Wondering what you can do right now to support a grieving colleague? Forbes’ Tips For Helping A Grieving Employee Or Colleague provides some immediate concrete advice for how to handle the situation.