[MMM] Remembering What's Important | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning!


Today is Remembrance Day, a day when Canadians honour and remember our veterans and all who served – and continue to serve – Canada, during war, armed conflict and peace.   


In my opinion, it is much more than that. We are honouring those that have chosen to serve the public. 


Public servants often don’t get the praise they deserve. Instead, there seems to be a focus on abuses of power and trust, lapses in ethics and judgment, and the frustration of red tape and bureaucracy. While it may be true that there are some that abuse the system, we have tens of thousands of Canadians that have chosen to serve our country through their career in the public service. A majority are extremely well-educated, dedicated, and while many of them could be earning higher salaries in the private sector, they choose to serve.


The benefits to all of us are often not seen. The fact we can get a passport in a rush, have a park warden share a story at one of our amazing national parks, eat food that we can trust, and live in a nation that is well protected by our armed forces.


For me, Remembrance Day is a day to honour all public servants who serve, protect, and guide this great country.


Remembering, along the road with you!



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