[MMM] Relationships, relationships, relationships

Good Monday morning,
They say in real estate there is one principle that matters the most: location, location, location (especially if you live in Vancouver). What if we knew, with certainty, the one principle that would lead to actual fulfillment in our lives?
As a society, we value many things. Looking at research around what millennials value, 80% of them want to be millionaires, and in the world of 140 characters or less, 75% of millennials want to be famous. We are surrounded by a trillion dollar industry called “marketing”, and it’s trying to convince us that the bigger home, nicer car, or better body will make us happy.
Harvard Medical School has been running the most extended research on happiness in modern history. The 75 year longitudinal Grant and Glueck study has been following two groups of men. One group consists of Harvard sophomores, and another hails from a disadvantaged part of Boston. Every two years they have been tracking these groups of men to explore and measure a variety of elements including work, family, health, and finance. Their goal is to understand what indeed leads to a fulfilled life.
They discovered that everyone is motivated by a blend of three things:
  • Doing good for others
  • Doing things they are good at
  • Doing good for themselves
Of the very happy individuals, 47% said they thoroughly enjoy what they are currently doing versus 14% of the rest of the populations.
62% of the fulfilled individuals have not and do not expect to hit a mid-life crisis versus 38% in the rest of the populations.
49% of those fulfilled said they are already pursuing their dreams versus 18% of the rest of the populations.


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This is why I am so passionate about being in the right work situation. Better work does lead to a better life.
What is the most important element in fulfillment?
Relationships, relationships, relationships.
In the study, over 75% of those that define themselves as deeply fulfilled, rated their intimate relationships as the primary factor. Those that have meaningful, healthy relationships in their lives were not only more fulfilled but were healthier, financially more stable, and had overall more professional success.
Relationships matter at work as well. When we build secure networks, we collaborate better. Our work yields more enriching ideas and, yes, we land more opportunities.
They say your best investment in life is your home. I disagree – your best investment is the relationships that you have. You’ll have more fun, grow as a person, and even live longer.
Along the road with you!
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