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I am a runner. There is nothing better than arriving home after a long run. I have learned much about life from this discipline, and so have many others, including Kayla Montgomery, who is one of the best runners in her age group. She told her running coach, Patrick Cromwell, “I want to run fast.”


Kayla has achieved something beyond all expectations with the support of her coach. Kayla was a gifted soccer player, however was diagnosed with MS when she was 13. She needed to change sports due to the challenges around her illness & switched to running.

She doesn’t run to get a scholarship. She doesn’t run to get trophies. She doesn’t run to win. It’s a personal journey for her.” Shared her coach, Patrick Cromwell.


The challenge with MS is that as your body heats up you lose sensation in your limbs. The good news is that Kayla can push herself, the challenge is when she crosses the finish line, she has no control on how she slows down. The only way she can reach her potential is to trust the coach that will catch her at the end. The is one of the more inspiring coaching relationships that I have seen. You can watch a short documentary about Kayla’s determination & their relationship here.



As humans living in this complex world, we all have challenges and we all do better with support. I have seen over and over again with clients, whether it is in restructuring, job search, identifying the right career or becoming a great leader. What is incredibly special is the trust that Kayla has with Patrick.


One of the great joys that we have is the trust that our clients show to us as we help them run the race, cross the finish line well, and complete their Career personal best.

Coming along side those with a desire to get better is what coaches do well.


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