[MMM] Questions Are Great, Depending on Who You Ask | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Tuesday Morning! 


Last week, I happened to overhear someone a Starbucks talking with a friend about his wife; she had just been let go from her position at work.  


To be fair, I usually don’t eavesdrop, but this conversation was hard to ignore. They were speaking rather loudly, and yes, I was curious to hear what kind of advice would be offered. 

1st: “Don’t bother seeing a lawyer; don’t spend money you don’t have.”  

2nd: “Have her get out, and drop resumes off to the agencies; they’ll find her a job.”

3rd: “Oh, she is an administrator, there are not very many jobs out there.”

4th:  “Join LinkedIn; I have over 600 connections, they will help her find a job.”

The friend seemed confident, knowledgeable and compelling. I’m sure he was well meaning, but mostly misinformed.

If you have a problem with your teeth, do you ask your friend, the mechanic, to tell you what’s wrong? No. You ask her for the name of a good dentist.

Average advice can be found cheaply, and just about everywhere.

Be smart the next time you need advice: ask the right questions, of the right people. The answers you get will be better, both more accurate and objective. They will actually help you get the results you desire.


Answering, along the road with you!


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