[MMM] Problem – 17% of Professionals Know Their Strengths & Weaknesses | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning!


You probably have a list of things to do around your house. You might be very handy, or in a relationship with someone who is very handy. 


I am single, and not very handy. The solution?


I found a MacGyver that can come in and do “the list.” I have a great guy- a retired engineer …he is neat, and an excellent guy to work with. Doors have been hung, things have been fixed. 


One of the projects I delegated was to fix a sump pump in my basement. We were discussing the issue when he asked me a very simple question:


Alan, did you read the manual?” 


I paused for a moment, before responding,


Harley, I don’t read manuals. I read people.


What is the moral of the story?


You have to know your strengths and weaknesses. In a poll by Gallop called the Strengthfinder Survey of 1.2 Million professionals in 60 countries, only 17% knew their specific strengths & weaknesses. 


When you know your strengths and are secure in that reality, your world is a much better place to be in. 


My weaknesses are Harley’s strengths.


… And my dry basement thanks me.


Looking for a career MacGyver to help you “fix” your career, team or organization?


Give me a shout!


Improving, along the road with you!




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