[MMM] Opportunity Comes to Those That… | Monday Morning Motivator Good Monday Morning!

Good Monday Morning! 


Sometimes in life, you search for a specific word to describe an experience or need you have. Where do you turn, when you are looking for the right word?


A lawyer.


One of my clients, who is an attorney, described her philosophy regarding her current career transition phase: “I need to stay persatient.” 


Persatient = Persistent and Patient.


You won’t find that word on Dictionary.com or even Google. (I Googled it and didn’t find one reference.)


Regardless, I am pretty sure the key to the universe is found in that word. (Ok, that may be a bit of a stretch, but still…) I find that clients are usually exclusively persistent or patient. The key is to balance both elements. Knowing when to wait, when to follow through, when to take action, and when to stop. 


My client described in a precise way the mindset that is needed; not only in career transition, but in all other phases of life. Whether it’s that next opportunity, leadership role, health issue or parenting strategies.


Remember – Be Persatient. Your career, people who report to you & those around you, will thank you.


Persatient, along the road with you!




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