[MMM] One (Surprising) Action That Will Help You | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning! 


I come from a running family; we have all run marathons. For me, marathons are one of the ultimate metaphors for life: goal setting, discipline, team work and personal bests.  

As I was browsing one of my favorite magazines, I came across a striking ad with the headline “Stop Running, Start Walking.” That ad caught this runner’s attention.  


I’ve been digesting that headline for some time. Wouldn’t running get me to my goal faster and more efficiently? Walking takes more time, and seems less rewarding, at least to a runner. 


In the early stages of our career coaching, new clients often seem to be running around: reading books, taking online tests, chatting with people. Many seem to be chasing down answers in an attempt to be pro-active, only to feel more confused and frustrated.


Make life easier on yourself, but how?


1. Stop running.

2. Start walking.


On a nice slow walk, you will notice things that have been there all along, but you’ve never seen before.


When you stop running, you don’t stop looking for answers, but you do shift momentum. You’re looking for more effective answers in a less stressful way. Start with a new plan that is intentional, but not intense. It can be as simple as taking a blank piece of paper with your morning coffee, and letting some of your thoughts start to flow into words.


There is a time to run, a time to walk and a time to stand still. Wisdom is knowing which one to choose, and when.

Walking (sometimes running,) along the road with you!




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