[MMM] Monday Morning Motivator | Y'all Havin' a Good….?

Y’all havin’ a good Monday morning? This past week I traveled to a certain state where they are known for size. Things truly are bigger in Texas.

I was there attending the Wizard Academy…and no, they do not teach magic, yet in a way, they do. Roy Williams and his team are working with some of the best companies in Canada such as 1800GotJunk, PropertyGuys.com (Roy created the round real estate signs they are famous for) & Spence Diamonds, helping them improve and to be more innovative and, yes, the results really are magical. 


I made a list of thoughts and ideas that I took away from my trip and the time I spent at the Academy, and wanted to share some of these with you:

  • I had my first mile-high experience (no, not that one!) I was surfing the web @ 37,000 feet.  
  • I got a tour of Fort Worth from a client, who loves living there, made me feel welcome, and took great care of my appetite. Thanks Brian.
  • I learned that there are many ways to tell a story, some much more interesting than others.
  • I learned that our attention span is now measured in seconds vs. minutes (you still paying attention?)
  • I learned that Austin is just one heck of a terrific city (think San Francisco meets Texas)  
  • I found out that I like South Congress Avenue. A lot.
  • I learned that Hockey Night in Dallas is good for the soul, especially when you go with a “former” Canadian.
  • I learned that there are over 1700 food trucks in Austin. I found one that stood out. Click here.
  • I learned that people speak the same needs…just in different accents.
  • I learned that less is the new more.
  • I learned that the State Legislature building was paid for by an entrepreneur in a trade for the largest ranch in Texas (which eventually became the XLT Ranch).   
  • I learned that many of the best selling songs were written in the same 4 chord structure.

Here’s what else I learned: 

  1. If I number the bullet points you are more likely to read this and make notes.
  2. If I don’t make you upset and challenge you, I am not doing my job. 
  3. Dr. House and Sherlock Holmes are based on the same character.
  4. Interesting brands and interesting people both offer structured contradictions.
  5. Words woven wisely will waken you.
  6. Newsletters are just that – news and a personal letter (Thanks Grandpa Bill for that one…)
  7. People can be unexpectedly generous everywhere, even when they don’t know you.
  8. Roy H. Williams is the real deal. It’s true.
  9. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall not have to pay a $50 parking ticket.
  10. I like Volvo. Again. (But that’s for another day…)

Things are “bigger” for me now as a result of my time in Texas. I was inspired, encouraged, and enriched. My worldview has enlarged.


What about you? What did you learn last week? The biggest lesson I learned was that you don’t have to go to Texas to make your life bigger and better. You can make your world bigger right where you are. 


Dare ya!


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Magical, along the road with you!




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