[MMM] Monday Morning Motivator | The Most Dangerous Thing in Your Career

It’s been one of those winters. Yes, one of “those.” We’ve had a classic Canadian winter; you actually needed a snow shovel in Toronto. I’m proud of the city I grew up in. As a child,  I honed my entrepreneurial instincts by asking if I could shovel my neighbours’ driveways.   


It’s also been a great winter for the auto repair business. On my way to get new winter tires installed, I spun out, my Smart car twisted, and momentum took me right into a guard rail. This is my first accident in many, many years .




That’s the basic equation for momentum; equations for collisions get much more complex, but without the basics of momentum my front end would be in much better shape!  


Power = mass multiplied by velocity.

Momentum can be a most dangerous thing when driving in winter; it can take you places you had not intended, and may not want to go.


The same is true of your career.  


The faster you’re going and the higher the level of your career, the more momentum you have. The potential is great, but at what cost?   


One of our clients recently shared her frustration with where she was in her life. She had a solid career, but it was driven primarily by momentum. She had received calls from headhunters for two of her significant career choices. One thing just seemed to lead to another.   


The fundamental challenge with momentum is that you’re not in control. External forces are “driving” you. 


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Safely driving, along the road with you!




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