[MMM] Monday Morning Motivator | The 'Luckiest' Year of Your Career?

As our friends at Sesame Street might say, this year is brought to you by the number 13. Last week I talked about career “luck.” Are you optimistic about your professional future in 2013? According to a poll by Ipsos Reid Public Affairs,commissioned by Global News, 65 per cent of respondents said they are “optimistic” that 2013 will be a good year for the economy. Here is how the numbers break down in the survey from highest to lowest amount of optimism.

  • Alberta – 77%
  • Saskatchewan – 76%
  • British Columbia – 72%
  • Ontario – 66%
  • Atlantic Canada – 65%
  • Quebec – 53%

So this begs the question, should we all move to Alberta? Realistically, I think we can make our economy great no matter where we live.


Here are 13 ways to better your career (and your personal economy) in 2013:

  1. Work in a professional field in which you have a genuine interest.  
  2. Choose roles that use your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.
  3. Know what you don’t know…and what you do know.  
  4. Work only with and for great people.
  5. Practice optimism – look for the opportunity and measure the risk.
  6. Be flexible and adaptable yet not a pushover. Set firm professional boundaries.
  7. Continually learn – both linearly and non-traditionally.
  8. Be confident yet not cocky – don’t be afraid of self-promotion.  
  9. Value, nurture and be valued by your professional network.
  10. Manage your stress by staying active, eating and sleeping well.
  11. Maintain interests outside of work and your family life.
  12. Respect and be respected by your employer.
  13. Take your work seriously, but not yourself.

The great news is that there is always space in the world for new ideas, products and services. Your future lies in how you take advantage of this space.


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The best year ever, along the road with you!




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