[MMM] Monday Morning Motivator | The 2 Things We All Want From Work

When I was a kid I had big expectations, especially around holidays. Come Easter time, I expected a lot of chocolate. Funnily enough, my kids grew up expecting chocolate this time of year, and lots of it too! It’s a true joy to meet or exceed people’s expectations; for parents, it’s even better than chocolate.

We carry expectations into most areas of our lives, including work. A client told me, “I’m not asking for anything complex. I want to do interesting work, in a healthy work environment.”


Her clarity impressed me. These are healthy expectations, not unrealistic desires. She didn’t need to be the CEO, she wanted two things:

  1. Interesting work
  2. Healthy environment

As an employer, if you offer both, you will not just get work done, you’ll be more profitable.  


According to the American Psychological Association, when you provide a healthy place to work, you get these results:  

  1. 30% reduction in stress level across your organisation.
  2. 67% of employees will identify and recommend new employees.
  3. 75% reduction in employee turnover.

It’s just plain good business!


It’s not that complicated either. Communicate well and often; thank people when they do a good job, and hold your team accountable when they struggle. Reward people appropriately, and sprinkle in a bit of humour from time to time.


It’s really very simple, just not always very easy.


The word “expectation” is an action noun, with its root in anticipation or “an awaiting.”


Why wait? Do you need help with meeting and exceeding the expectations of your team? As our friends at Home Depot used to say: “You can do it, we can help.”


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