[MMM] Monday Morning Motivator | Spring Forward: Your Career, Your Company

Good Monday morning  

Excellent – we had one more hour of daylight this weekend, the start of spring gets me all the more excited about getting my kayak back on the water. Now that’s spring forward!  

The change in season always opens my eyes a little more to the world around me, the environment and growth. I often find this time of year inspires many to find ways to help their company and career become more Eco-friendly.   

Author and columnist, Adria Vasil confesses that she “switched careers every year or so” early on. She truly wanted to make a difference, and eventually realized her talent for the written word was her most powerful tool. She retrained, landed an internship at NOW magazine, and launched her column & also wrote a best selling book Ecoholic.” Here, she speaks with me about her career journey, and her passion for the difference that each one of us can make in our world.

Adria’s thoughts on how you can help “green” your company include:  

1. Think Team: Start up a group, meet once per month, and discuss ways you can help your company use resources more efficiently, and possibly create Eco-friendly products.  

2. Think Small: Focus first on the little things, such as using mugs instead of paper cups, options for telecommuting, and then think about how to create a green product or service that meets your industry’s needs.   

3. Think Profit: Create a business case for your ideas that speaks to the company’s stakeholders, and to the needs and goals of the executive team.

4. Think Long Term: Make sure your small ideas will be sustainable, and recognize that change takes time. After you achieve success on a small scale, start pitching your bigger plans. 

Tens of thousands of Canadians have been inspired by Adria’s desire to make a difference in this world. The transitions she made in her career have created a win win for everyone, including the world to which we are all addicted.   

Is there something of Adria in you? Get started now. Find out how your talents and passions can impact your career, and possibly the world around you.   

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Enjoying the fresh spring air, along the road with you! 


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