[MMM] Monday Morning Motivator | Politics At Work, How Do You Play By The Rules?

Happy Monday morning! 

You don’t have to play the game, but you need to know the rules.

Most professionals don’t like the idea of politics in the workplace
The reality is politics are everywhere.
The other reality is that some people enjoy politics, and they tend to be good at it.

You may be good at politics.
Or, maybe not.

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with a friend from Germany. He’s visiting Vancouver, and learning English. He talked about his new-found interest in baseball. Languages, baseball and politics all have rules. Rules are the key to understanding how to connect the dots in most aspects of life.

Understanding the rules will help you communicate more effectively. Like my German friend, you may even discover a new-found love for something that surprises you.

Keep my first statement in mind. You need to know the rules.

The first step in knowing the rules is being aware they exist. The second is paying attention to how they work so you understand them. When you know the rules, you will do better at navigating the world of work, and may even find a better way to handle the perceived murkiness of office politics.

Knowing the rules, along the road with you!




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