[MMM] Monday Morning Motivator | One Small Step You Can Take Towards…

Good Monday morning,


I’m a space junkie. Ever since I went to Cape Canaveral, I’ve been fascinated with anything space related. 


This past week, CMDR Chris Hadfield took over command of the International Space Station.  


The change of command ceremony was fairly relaxed, no 21 gun salute in space! It consisted of ringing the ship’s bell, a few speeches, and few extra treats for dinner; who knows, they may even have had a Beavertail for dessert.


CMDR Hadfield is the first Canadian, and first member of the Commonwealth, to be in charge of the ISS. He will be leading a team of six people, on what will officially be known as Expedition 35. He’s been on board for a few months, learning the ropes, the routines, and getting to know his crew. 


Here’s what I know. He won’t land on his face in his new role. How do I know this?


There’s no gravity in space.


All kidding aside, there will be bumps along the road. Chris, just like anyone taking on a new leadership position, only really begins to know how to do the job once he’s actually doing it. There are just some things for which you cannot fully train. In his case, it’s a more complex situation; his crew are both teammates and roommates. They live and work together in a very contained environment, shown in this terrific video tour. On top of all that, you’re one small hole away from becoming space junk.


How do I know he will do well in his new role? He has shown a lifetime of growth, both personally and professionally. He is more than prepared for this big step, and he’s a great guy to boot.


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One small step, along the road with you!




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