[MMM] Monday Morning Motivator | All Grown Up, Now What do You Want to Do?

Now that you are all grown up, do you know what you want to do? I often hear the comment from clients: “I guess I need to grow up and figure out what I should be doing.” I’m now having similar conversations with my own kids.

My daughter Aine is currently in “university shopping” mode. We have been to McGill in Montreal, have attended a presentation at UBC, and she has also already applied to a number of other universities. She is one of the fortunate in that she knows exactly what she wants to do (likely because I had her listening to my podcasts at the tender age of 8…just kidding). 


I also remember a conversation one day at the supper table when my son Aidan was 9. He was expressing how he wasn’t sure what career he was going to choose. Well, we took care of that right away and had him meet the student career specialist on our team…NOT! He was 9 years old! I told him to focus on being a kid and that he could think about his career when he was ready.  


So when is the right time to focus on a career? How is it that some people at age 7 know their direction and others wrestle with this question at age 37? 


Well, there used to be an interesting solution to this key question in life: Wannado City. In this 140,000 square foot role-playing amusement center based in Sunrise, Florida, you could sample the working world in real-time. There were more than 100 jobs, you were paid in Wongas (the city’s currency) and your salary was determined by your role. From Architect to X-Ray technician, you got to dress up in the role and “work”. As a Wannado City “kidizen” (citizen), you could work at the “CNN” studio or the Plantation General Hospitaland could spend 20-30 minutes in the activities of your chosen roles.  


One of the best ways to discover if you are interested and well suited for a particular careeris to experience it. Wannado City offered precisely this – through multiple “mini co-op work terms”, kids got exposed to a larger perspective on career. Unfortunately it has since had to close, but what a wonderful concept it was.


Co-op work terms are a great way to determine if a career is for you. One of our clients was strongly considering a career in the medical area. She spent a co-op term working at a hospital and quickly realized this wasn’t the area that she wanted to pursue. A combination of knowing who you are and taking some time to explore a wide range of options before choosing a path is very important.  


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All grown up & loving what I do, along the road with you!




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