[MMM] Managing Uncertainty in Your Career

May 2, 2016 | The “Fear” Edition


Good Monday Morning,


We live in a very uncertain world.


I was reminded of this several weeks ago when I got a Facebook status update from my daughter, letting me know that the she was safe in Brussels. I hadn’t been worried about her, as I had thought that she was already in Amsterdam, but she had decided to shift her travel plans.


Risk is very much a part of our lives. From geo-political changes to the recent drop in the Canadian dollar, we are in a world with an increasing amount of turbulence and uncertainty. Organizations and individuals have never had such opportunity and as much vulnerability. Should you change roles? Should you change companies? Should you change your career? Each of these questions we ask ourselves at some point in our career. The answers involve decision making and risk management.


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The challenge with our career is balancing the right mix of risk with our need for security. For each of us, the mix looks different depending on our skill set, the market, where we are at in our personal lives, and our capacity for risk. Michael Ungar is an international expert in resilience and risk, Author of Too Safe for Their Own Good and Professor at the School of Social Work at Dalhousie University. Michael shared, “We live in a risk adverse society with a love for golden handcuffs. We need career resilience to be able to bounce back from adversity.” 


Fundamentally, the rules have changed in our workforce. Michael has learned from his international research on resilience, “It is in learning how to manage risk in a smart way that we end up being more open to change and the changes that are to come.”


Understanding how to manage risk in your career is has never been more important in taking control over your future. In my 2010 CareerJoy Conversations Podcast, I interviewed Jeff Wise, Author of Extreme Fear – the Science of Your Mind in Danger, and discussed risk, control and using fear for our benefit. Listen here for Jeff’s insights.


Along the road with you!


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