[MMM] Making Killer Hires | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Tuesday (this week’s Monday) morning! 


First, finish your breakfast. Now, I’ll announce the winner. It’s the mighty… 




No, not the lion, shark, or scorpion.


Dragonflies kill 95% of their prey, and usually do it within a single second. They love a buffet; it’s not unusual for them to eat 30 flies in a row. The “mighty” lion is much further back in the pack, with a kill rate of only 25%.  


What if you had a 95% success rate in hiring at your company? According to hiring expert, Barry Deutsch, you’re more likely to have a lion’s “catch” rate. In fact, you could hire just as well, if not better, with a flip of a coin.


Dragonflies have much to teach us. They are known as precision hunters, with excellent candidate selection skills. 

  1. They have a human capacity for selection attention. They focus on a very few things when hunting.
  2. They have 16 ways to track trajectory. They pay attention to where the “candidate” is moving, not where they are currently located.  
  3. They have built in redundancy; they can fly and hunt with three wings.
  4. They move very quickly.

Looking to increase your selection rate? How do you identify the factors that are critical tosuccess in the hiring process?  We work with many of our clients, helping to improve their skills when assessing the key attributes for hiringonboarding, and promotion success. 


Pay attention to other options the candidate may have, mix in a little redundancy on the hiring team, and add a chaser of speed. Like a dragonfly, you will end up with a killer hiring model.


Hunting, along the road with you!




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