[MMM] Love @ Work | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning,


I love you. 


Three powerful words. Three Life changing words. Three words you might have heard on Valentine’s day.


All great (& not so great) loves start with a date. What happens when you start dating that person in your workplace? Things get interesting. (You can watch my comments on this on Global TV here.)


According to a poll by Harris for CareerBuilder, 38% have of professionals have had an office romance, 24% dated someone at a higher level in their organization & 39% have kept the office romance a secret.


The industries that had the highest percentage of office romance.

  • Hospitality 57%
  • Utlities 51% (who knew that was a sexy industry)
  • Technology 46%
  • Transportation 42%
  • Financial Services 38%
  • Retail 35%
  • Manufacturing 35%
  • Health Care 32% (take that ER)
  • Business Services 26%

How do these couples connect?

  • Outside of work 12%
  • Happy hour 11%
  • Late nights at work 10%
  • Lunch 10%
  • Love at first sight 9%

Here is the reality of the work romance. In the world we live in, given the quantity of time spent at work, it seems almost inevitable that at some point most single individuals will find themselves interested in dating someone from the office.

  1. Be Wise – In your choice of partner.
  2. Be Discreet – Be aware of how public you are about the relationship & appropriate levels of PDA.
  3. Be Professional – At work, be cognizant to support each other as peers first, lovers second. Don’t bring the relationship into the boardroom.
  4. Breakup Nicely – It may not last forever. If the relationship ends, take pains to do it amicably and respectfully.

Love@Work can be tricky to navigate at times, but it can also be really rewarding. Being in a stable and fulfilling relationship tends to improve all aspects of life – you may even find yourself enjoying your work that much more!
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