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…and the award goes to …


The advertising agency, Mithun Hobby, predicted that Birdman is going to take the best picture award with 99% odds. They use predictive technology to deterimine which film will win this prestigious award.


Creating a great film, It takes an tremendous amount of people & leadership skills to pull together. According to IMDB, the top films of the past two decades each have had 3.5 writers, 7 producers, 55 in the art department, 32 in sound, 55 in camera & electrical and 156 in visual effects, for a total team of 558 people.


Not to mention, on average a $40 million budget.


The role with the greatest impact on the overall film is the Director. I find it fascinating to see the different ways that films are led. The job comes with a lot of demands, many expectations, and little tolerance for failure. Stress management is a key element in the directors chair.



“Stress is a condition of your job. If I’m relaxing, I start to think something is wrong.” saidBirdman director, Alejandro G. Inarritu.


Boyhood Director, Richard Linklater, a former oil rig worker, offered a contrary point of view on being stressed. He stated that part of his ritual in going to a set is to spot someone in a hardhat. “I say to myself, ‘OK, that’s the real world’  I remind myself that there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”


Clint Eastwood, for example, starts his day at 9 and finishes at 5, so his crew can have dinner with their families. He works hard at removing stressful conditions such as bells ringing on set & doesn’t use the terms cut or action.


To me the lesson is that directors are just as unique & human as the rest of us. They may have 6 houses & 12 cars instead of 1, however, they have reached a measure of success by paying attention to the ways that they can lead & manage teams.


Studios are just like your employer, They are making bets on leaders. Each has learned to develop their own style & are disciplined in the way that they create their own predictable results.

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