[MMM] Leadership Lessons from Kawhi Leonard on why he’s not the best player on the Raptors …

Happy Monday,


I confess, I have joined the bandwagon.

In a unusual set of events I was able to snag a ticket for the Raptors’ 5th game in the second round of the playoffs in Toronto. It was my very first NBA game. I even have a picture to prove it.



You may recognize the person I am standing beside. It seems like our whole nation has caught #WeTheNorth fever.


I was in the car leaving Toronto during the final game of round 3 and of course, since I am such a “fan”, I was listening to the post-game interviews. One of the interview responses spoke volumes to me. A member of the media asked Kawhi Leonard, “Did he think his game had moved to another level and that he was playing his best?”


He responded “My goal is never to be the best player. My goal is to do my job well and to always see the team be our best .” 


Kawhi’s response told me a lot about his character and that he understands he’s playing basketball, not golf. The paradox in his response is that he actually is the best player on the team.


You have to know what game you are playing. 


Golf and other individual sports are all about you. Yes, you have a team to support you but ultimately you have to do your best to win. There’s a reason why Tiger Woods plays golf and Kawhi Leonard plays basketball. 
Basketball is all about teamwork. Every player needs to raise their game, but championship teams and high performing teams are all about understanding your role, doing your best and supporting other members. 


Which game are you playing?


“We” The North…


Along the road with you,




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