[MMM] Leadership is all about common sense

Happy Monday,


“Wow, that is a lovely shirt you are wearing. What brand is it?”




“Kodak, like Kodak the film?”




Can you imagine your colleague at work showing off their new Kodak shirt?


Guess what is coming to a Forever 21 store near you? Kodak branded clothing.


Call me crazy, but I’m not buying the relaunch of the Kodak brand as a clothing line.


It’s as if Starbucks had failed and was relaunching as a car manufacturer.


Starbucks is all about coffee, not cars.


Leadership is ultimately about using common sense to make decisions.


Whether you are looking to relaunch a brand, or hire a new team member you need to go back to the basics of the purpose and needs of the organization. Aligning your decisions with the reality of your situation is key to getting the results that matter.


Heck, who knows, you may even get a new t-shirt out of the deal.


Leading, along the road with you,




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