[MMM] | Leadership and Canada Are About the Power of “And”

July 4, 2017 | The “And” Edition

Happy Tuesday,


I hope you enjoyed your Canada Day weekend.


We just celebrated 150 yrs of federation in Canada. I was out visiting a few clients and our team in our Halifax office and “popped” over to Charlottetown for Canada Day. I went to a presentation at the museum on the story of confederation. The original intent was to unite the British Colonies of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The colony of Canada (Quebec & Ontario) joined as observers.


There were internal factors: the need to create a standard railroad, demographic pressures and improve trade opportunities.


There were external factors, too. Great Britain had diversified its economy through industrialization and globalization, and was becoming less supportive of its colonies. To the south, the Canadian–American Reciprocity Treaty, a major free trade deal was cancelled and there was deep political turmoil with the civil war.


Sound familiar?


The combination of those two factors led to the leaders of the Colonies to find ways to come together in strength, to deal with this significantly changing economic and geopolitical landscape. Sir John A McDonald saw a bigger opportunity by bringing in the Colony of Canada as not just an observer but as a full partner. What started off as a way of dealing with change ended up with a much more comprehensive outcome. Like most great things, it took three more years and meetings in Quebec and London, England, to broker a deal.


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On July 1, 1867, the Dominion of Canada was born. The rest, as they say, is history.


The Country of and.


We live in that land.


What the fathers of Confederation realized is that it was far better to combine their interests to find new opportunities, rather than acting independently with their talents, resources and unique cultures.


They believed in the power of and.


We live that kind of country.


A country, where you can be Francophone and Canadian, Muslim and Canadian, Italian and Canadian, Syrian and Canadian, Irish and Canadian, Russian and Canadian, First Nations and Canadian.


We celebrate the strength of diversity and unity.


Over these past 150 years, This not only creates a strong sense of a united culture, but it also has enabled our country to thrive economically.


We understand the power of and.


The sum is stronger than the parts. I am deeply thankful for the founding leaders of the Dominion of Canada who saw and seized upon the changing landscape and who had the vision and the courage to create this fantastic country.


O Canada: strong, diverse and free.


Along the road with you!




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