[MMM] Leaders, Stop Managing Time & Start Managing This…

Happy Monday,


“How are you doing?”


“I’m super busy. It seems like there are not enough hours in the day.”


How many times have you had this kind of conversation over the past week, month, or year? Here’s the myth: it’s simply not true that you don’t have enough time.


According to Marketwatch, we spent on average 9 hours and 32 minutes interacting with media in 2014. In 2018, we spent 11 hours per day interacting with media.


Click. Read. Watch. Repeat.


There is a constant flow of things that are vying for our attention. They range from the obvious to an email that is sent, a meeting we are invited to, or a project you are asked to join.


We see this in the current political climate too. Prime Minister Trudeau is trying to get us to stop paying attention to the SNC Lavelin political crisis and pay attention instead to the new budget. Andrew Scheer, on the other hand, is trying to keep our focus on the SNC Lavilin crisis.


What is our fundamental challenge as leaders? We need to pay attention to the important issues and ensure our team is doing the same.


Manage your attention and your time be naturally be well-managed. Keep busy with the right things and you’ll be effective and have enough time.


That’s the most significant piece of leadership advice I can offer.


Along the road with you! 




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