[MMM] Lady Gaga & The Real Superheroes in Our World

Like the gazillions of other people, we watched the One World virtual concert – to be frank, I had mixed feelings about it.


The stars singing & sharing their thoughts – at different times I enjoyed the music, it was inspiring & at other moments, it felt disingenuous.


I was inspired by the profiling of the amazing front line health care workers. I was deeply impacted by a particular person, an emergency physician in Vancouver who discussed leaving her twins with her parents since the beginning of the outbreak, so she could serve at the hospital.


We are starting to see the light now – I ran into a client (social distancing) while walking our dogs; we bumped into each other. Her partner is a physician & has a senior role in a hospital.


We spoke about how things are going for him & his team at the hospital.


He spoke about the nature of the virus & why it was so unusual, he also shared how the worst is really behind us. He emphasized that we still need to stay diligent in the ways we are interacting.


If we do remain diligent, all of this, that we are experiencing, both the good & the challenges.


Will, be worth it.


I took the time to thank him for all of the great work & personal commitment of him and his team. I thanked him for the amazing impact their work is having on the community that we live in.


I realized these are not superheroes, they don’t see themselves this way, nor do they want that description.


They are humans just like you & me.


They have families, partners, dogs, homes, hopes, dreams & fears.


They would rather not be in the midst of this.


They do choose to serve in the midst of this, with courage, tireless diligence, health risks & personal sacrifices.


What struck me from watching this concert & in my conversation this week is the irony of this moment.


Celebrities like Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Celine Dion, or Lady Gaga are not superheroes, as our culture has valued them.


They are humans, just like you & me.


They have families, partners, dogs, homes, hopes, dreams & fears.


We are all critical.


There are no superheroes.


Just beautiful, hopeful, valuable people, seeking to live meaningful lives.


That is what COVID-19 has revealed to me.


We are.


One world.


Along the road with you!




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