[MMM] It’s Taken Me Longer Than You Think to Become Good | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday morning!


A great chef takes years to come into her craft. On the other hand, it takes about 2 hours to learn how to make basic sandwiches for Tim Horton’s.


“It took me longer than anyone I know, to become good at what I do professionally.” 


This is a wise quote from Ira Glass, producer of the radio show This American Life. It’s one of my all time favourite podcasts. Ira has won almost every single broadcast award you can win. He has also created many stars, including the best-selling author, Canadian David Rakoff.  Rakoff was cleaning apartments when Ira discovered him, and brought him on his show as a regular.



It takes years of commitment to become great at anything. Don’t be discouraged by this. Like Ira, if you pursue the craft in your career, not only is it great for you, but also for the many people you will have the opportunity to help along the way.


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Taking my time, along the road with you!




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