[MMM] It Is Wise To Remember This … | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning!

It’s true; you can be up the creek without a paddle. I have the evidence to prove this.



As you can see my paddle is broken in two, and I was up the creek (actually, it was a river!) I was two days into a four day whitewater canoe trip in Algonquin park. We had gone over 25 km by water in the first two days, and it would have been a longer and more complex journey if the person in front (aka me) couldn’t paddle.


I have never been white water canoeing before. It’s a hybrid of kayaking and canoeing, and lots of fun. You really do need the oarsman at the front to maneuver the front end of the boat and to help with the rowing. One person paddling a boat makes for a long, hard trip. 


The good news.


Just as we were leaving the place where we rented our canoes, we chose to pick up a used paddle.


Just in case.


Leadership & managing your career is a lot like that. You pay attention both to the opportunities and the risks; manage both well, and prepare for the unexpected.


Nobody wants to be in a boat rowing alone.


Paddling, along the road with you!




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