[MMM] Is Your Job Big Enough For Your Soul?

Happy Monday Morning!


Is it possible to do work that contributes in a way that is both meaningful, makes a positive impact and provides a great living?


While she was still with Unilever, Alison Leung, former Marketing Director of Dove, shared her story on my Career Conversations podcast. Her insight is ageless: Listen Here.


Alison was integral to Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. In my opinion, it is has been one of the most compelling marketing campaigns in recent memory. It’s a sign of our times when “natural” becomes “novel”, but you sometimes have to go backward to go forward.


Real Beauty was piloted in Canada and was so successful that it was rolled out across the globe. Dove understood so well what all of us need, which is to be affirmed that beauty is simply being human – a completely inclusive definition.



In my conversation with Alison, she shared her own career journey and some career goals that most professionals are looking for and few have – the ability to work on projects that have greater impact than just generating profit for your company and filling up your RRSPs.


Incidentally, a senior professional client of mine works with the Dove team, and told me, “They were really a special group of people, from the President to the sales reps – they stood apart from their competition.”


I think the real beauty campaign started years before. Soap? You can get that anywhere. Human beings are priceless.


When companies nurture a group of people who are passionate and talented, the end result is a product or service that is truly special.


Oftentimes, people perceive that it’s easier to make a difference with a not-for-profit or a small company. The truth is that there are many examples of for-profit enterprises doing great things in this world, and as each year passes, more organizations are merging business and philanthropy.


“I feel like I have the best job in the world”, said Alison.


Is that something that you could say?


Loving work, along the road with you!




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