[MMM] Investing your time in 2018

Good Monday morning,
This is truly your official first work Monday of 2018. That still feels strange to say and I’m sure I will be writing 2017 for a bit.
It’s hard to imagine that it was 18 years ago since the whole “Y2K scare.” I remember turning on CNN and watching the clock turn midnight in Australia to make sure that the world was going to still work properly.
I was speaking with a colleague on Friday and we were discussing time in general and his last year specifically. He had a terrific year with plenty of growth both personally and professionally.


Time is a funny thing. Unlike the other elements of our lives time can truly only be invested once. You can’t save it or earn more of it. Time is truly our most precious resource. With this in mind what happens if you look back on 2017 and have regrets? What if it wasn’t your best year? You have two options.


You can either:

  • feel stressed and let it weigh upon you in a negative way, or

  • learn from the good and challenging times and take advantage of their lessons

Stressed or better: which do you choose?


We have the amazing opportunity to invest our seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months of 2018 in the things that matter.


2018. Made better.


Along the road with you,




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