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Happy Monday Morning and movie pass CONTEST details at the end of the story!
You may be looking to get a break in a new sector or career path.  I remember a person who called me out of the blue, a long time ago, she was working in an administrative role and really wanted to move into executive recruitment. She cold called me regarding the idea of working with us an intern, which would allow her to get a foot in the door of the industry.  She had courage, the smarts and I admired her gumption & forthright pitch to come on board and work for us.
There is a starting point for everyone at the beginning of their career. Internships are becoming more common today, as a means of gaining experience and building a career at the same time.  It has become more a way of doing business, as both individual  & organizations look for creative ways to grow.
We are most familiar with the term as it relates to a student or recent graduate who works for a period of time at a job in order to gain experience.
The latest movie to come out of Hollywood dealing with Internship is by Director Nancy Meyers. In a very warm & comical way it flips the concept of internship upside down. The Intern, stars Anne Hathaway & Robert De Niro and the premise of the movie is that 70 year old De Niro, is trying to reboot his life by taking on the position of senior intern for a young, up and coming online fashion Mogul. You may already be seeing previews for this movie on your TV or iPad!
Over the past 2 years, there has been a lot of controversy around the whole topic. Many companies have unpaid internships & there has been lots of discussion around the ethics on this. More progressive companies offer to pay their interns as they see inherent value in the work that is provided by interns.
You are also finding a number of young professionals using internships as a way of getting international experience with Countries such as China & India. These companies are opening up their doors and allowing young grads the opportunity to work abroad and gain valuable experience.
Now back that potential “Intern” who called me all those years ago to reboot her career. We ended up hiring her and she impressed the heck out of us. As the old adage says, the rest is history and she can now be proud of over 20 years of success in the recruitment industry!
Just like the movie, internship can take on many faces, from re-invention, to gaining experience or landing that first job in the industry you have been dreaming about working in.
To celebrate the launch of the movie, CareerJoy is hosting a Nationwide contest to win free passes to attend the pre-screening of this delightful new film, before it hits the theatres! For details and to enter the contest click here.
Buttering up my popcorn, along the road with you,
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