[MMM] I Know for Certain Changes are Coming in Your Career….

Happy Monday morning,


This week, I was driving through my little town and noticed a new sign.


“Winter parking enforcement rules are in place from November 15 to April 1”. Like most people in Ontario, I woke up on Wednesday with snow on my front yard. The day before it had been almost 15 degrees and 12 hours later it was -5 °. The sign was indeed correct, winter was officially starting, whether I liked it or not.


This week was also the final days of work for a number of Members of Parliament. Each of the caucuses had a meeting to welcome their new MPs and to show appreciation for those that were leaving and had served these past 4 + years.


In our life some endings are expected and we know for certain the they will be changing, like the seasons. We may not like that idea and it still can be a shock to our systems until we are rudely reminded by signs or realities.
Other seasons are not necessarily clear, like changes in your health, finances, parenting, relationships & yes work. The MP’s that lost their seats, were for them not expecting to, they knew it could be a reality, but for the most part I would suggest most were surprised. We are working with a number of MP’s & their staff in transition, one of them shared with me ”For the first 48hrs, I was angry & upset. Then I decided to accept the new reality, and I was deeply thankful for the opportunity of a lifetime & now was moving forward in a new context”.


Make endings a normal occurrence and a normal part of business and life instead of seeing it as a problem.” Henry Cloud in Necessary Endings
Understanding that there is a time to stay and there will be a time to go, is a very important mindset to deal with change. 


This political staffer that I spoke with, really did understand that they wouldn’t be in that role for an extended period of time, either there would be a change of Government or they would decide to leave.


Changes like the seasons, are to be expected & embraced for the potential. The reality is that the deepest part of us knows that we will not be in our role forever and that we need to see this is normal, not as a crisis. 


To embrace change, it is best to understand and yes embrace, the loss & the gain to be able to move into your new season of life. 


Along the road with you!


Alan Kearns


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